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Genie® equipment plays a key role in television broadcast


London, UK (21st September 2016) – “Building the Future” has been in the genes of Genie, a Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) brand, since the company was created 50 years ago. This approach has been proven by the investment in innovative technologies and power sources that have taken Genie a step higher in the conception of efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly work platforms designed for safe work at height. Sharing the same visionary values focused on a cleaner, more environmentally respectful and human future, a partnership with the World FIA Formula E Championship was formed.

Organized by the FIA since 2014, the FIA Formula E Championship is the only automobile championship where vehicles are powered by electric engines. The objective of the race community is to position electric energy as an innovative automotive alternative and use the competition as a vector to develop its awareness by means of 10 ePrix races.

Tim Godfrey, FIA Formula E Media Director explains the approach: “Formula E is quite different to any other kinds of sporting competition, mainly due to its innovation and technology. It was the vision of Jean Todt, the President of the FIA, to have an electric motor sports series, and the vision was then put into action by the current CEO, Alejandro Agag.”

He continues, “If you look at our race calendar, we are present in some of the most beautiful and largest cities in the world. The reception from their mayors and governments has been extremely positive, and everyone is keen to create a legacy around great sporting events and competitions, coupled with sustainability and a green angle that appeals in the long-term to a younger population. What we’re ultimately aiming for is to accelerate the appeal and number of consumers buying electric vehicles.”

The 2015-2016 season ended on 5th and 6th July with two one-hour races held at Battersea Park, London. As part of the event that crowned Swiss driver Sébastien Buemi champion of the season, and France’s Nicolas Prost as winner of the final races, Genie provided the competition’s organisers with a fuel electric hybrid articulating Genie® Z™-60/37FE boom, an electric bi-energy Genie GS™-2669BE scissor lift and the support of a company technician. The machines’ mission: Lift the cameramen smoothly up to just the right height to help ensure the perfect direct television broadcast — without the slightest impact on the environment.

As a user of the machines, Ian Brown, Chief Cameraman comments: “The Genie Z-60/37 FE boom is a fantastic invention, easy to use and so versatile. It consumes very little energy and worked efficiently throughout the entire duration of the event without having to think about chugging engines or recharging the batteries. A Genie technician briefed us on the machine’s hybrid capabilities. At the simple click of a switch on the platform, we were able to change from silent, all-electric mode to diesel hybrid operation to get extra power when driving over grass or up inclines to reposition the cameras to transmit the real-time highlights of the race. Thanks to two platform entries, access is easy and we were able to lift the material we needed — all in one go. Better still, unlike with a fully diesel machine, there was no need to cut the engine once we were up in place, and no need to worry about noise that could disturb the spectators or local residents. This corresponds exactly with the Formula E philosophy. But what impressed me the most was the silence when operating in ‘electric‘ mode and the possibility of recharging the batteries at any time in ‘hybrid ‘ mode without slowing down any operations or boom functions.”

Simona Martini, Marketing Director, Terex AWP EMEAR (Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Russia), explains the company’s design philosophy on the new Genie hybrid boom: “In our region, we have the feeling that sustainability is just around the corner and that, as a leading manufacturer, we have the duty to anticipate on rising trends, listen to our customers' needs and design products they can make money with. The Genie Z-60/37FE articulating boom is a revolutionary new approach to mid-size booms and has the versatility and performance of a diesel machine that can go either electric or diesel for operators’ equipment renting optimisation. It responds to the growing worldwide demand for high efficiency machines combining cleaner performance and maximized fleet utilisation while reducing rental cost of operation. The Genie Z-60/37FE is not only a game changer but the product of the next future.”

Brown adds, “Whenever possible, we use Genie aerial work platforms. We prefer their robust design and the confidence they provide us when we are at height with our cameras. We also find Genie machines are easier and smoother to operate, as they never bump or jolt. Incidentally, we recently asked for a 26 m Genie articulating boom because the primary boom is articulating, and the secondary boom can be deployed up to 9 m. Instead, we received a machine by another brand. The result: insufficient height and outreach. For us, the design of Genie booms is by far more versatile.”

Godfrey concludes: “It’s great that Genie is backing a motor sport of the future with its avant-garde technology. As a result, if what we are doing is well covered via television thanks to Genie booms, it’s as positive for us as it is for the brand. I can see no reason why we shouldn’t consider a larger-scale partnership with Genie, as long as the constraints of television and our vision of the future are both respected.”

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image Genie® Z™-60/37FE hybrid boom in operation at the FIA Formula E Championship in London














Genie Z-60/37FE engine















image Ian Brown, Camera Supervisor at the FIA Formula E Championship

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