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Grantham, UK: 2nd April 2015: Genie® SmartLink™ is a user-friendly control system, which comes as standard on European-produced electric Genie GS-series scissor lifts, GS™-69 DC & BE scissor lift and Runabout™ family products. The system was upgraded in 2014 with a simplified user interface, new proportional joystick lift and drive controls, and new “push-button” selection of lift, drive and outrigger functions. The upgraded system makes the units easier and smoother to operate and service, getting an enthusiastic response from equipment owners and operators.


“Feedback from end-users has been excellent. The SmartLink upgrade features proportional joystick lift and drive controls instead of 2 speed push-buttons. Movements with the joystick are more precise and smoother, making elevation or drive easier and faster,” said Roger Wickens, Group Technical Manager of market-leading European access equipment provider Lavendon Plc. Ltd.,


Equipment technicians are also impressed with the upgraded SmartLink system. “Our customers appreciate the system’s simplified screen overview. On-board diagnostics are easy and advanced trouble-shooting at ground level is convenient thanks to the Ethernet cable feature that connects to any laptop computer,” according to Wickens.


In Israel, for Avi Arditi, Technical Service Manager for Authorized Genie Distributors AMIR, the SmartLink upgrade delivers several other benefits. “We love the colour-coded connection system which makes installation much simpler. Troubleshooting is also more efficient. If a cable comes loose, an on-screen message immediately identifies the corresponding cable. Thanks to the automatic calibration system, machines can now be calibrated with zero load, which is a great time-saver.”




About the Genie SmartLink control system upgrade

The upgraded version of the Genie® SmartLink™ is fully integrated as standard on all ten CE compliant European models of Genie® GS™ electric scissor lifts produced in Coventry UK and Genie® Runabout™ products made in Redmond, WA, USA.


For earlier Genie SmartLink equipped units, a retrofit kit including software update, controller overlay replacement, upgrade decal kit and replacement manuals is available to order without the need to replace existing platform or ground control units. The SmartLink upgrade retro-fit kit is available for the following Genie models: GR™-12, GR-15, GR-20, GRC™-12, QS™-12, QS-15, QS-20, GS™-1530, GS-1930, GS-2032, GS-2632, GS-3232, GS-2046, GS-2646, GS-3246, GS-2669 DC, GS-3369 DC, GS-4069 DC, GS-2669 BE, GS-3369 BE, GS-4069 BE.



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